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  Reiki Masters Training Course.

Course Outline:-

This Reiki course will facilitate the evolution of healing
and growth. All Beings upon the Earth are evolving and
shifting, we therefore need a method to accelerate
learning and an understanding of light consciousness.
in its simplistic form, is a foundation for growth and
This healing practice is yours to share and expand upon,
for you are already the Master of your Destiny.

This course shall provide you with an in-depth knowledge
and understanding of self and the teachings of Reiki. It is
intended for the practitioner who would like to share
these wonderful teachings with others, but also the
practitioner who would simply like to invest in one self.

This course will:-

Revise of the basic teachings of degrees Reiki One and
Reiki Two
, taught in the Usui System of Natural
I.e. History , Lineage , Hand positions ,
Distant Healing, Symbols and the Universal Life Force ,
etc. Further your knowledge of the Traditional Teachings
and practices of Reiki.

Help you to learn, discover and integrate all of the
Master Symbols which have been sacredly passed down
through our lineage. This includes 22 Master Symbols ,
your Personal Power Symbol, and the Master Cleansing
and Sealing Symbols.

Develop concise understanding and confidence in
facilitating the three levels of Attunement.

Build the basis of your Reiki Degree One and
Reiki Two teaching Manuals.

The course will also:-

Develop your skills and abilities to communicate and
teach others. Strengthen your awareness of meditation
Provide personal development to further your awareness
of self.

This may include:

Emotional release processes,
Journey Work, Journaling, Meditation, Belief Work
varying techniques and processes to re-remember thy
‘Divine Self'. Further your understanding of the
Energy Systems, Aura, Chakras, Meridians and
Dan Tien. Energy philosophies , both individually and
universally. Exploring the concepts of healing, healers
and why people get sick

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photo Usui


The third degree
is called Shinpiden
for remembering
and awakening,
the wisdom and knowledge that is within. Shinpiden
is the mystery
teachings of

" For all the
perceived good
and bad in the
world, from
triumphs to
hardships, comes
time to
contemplate self
and raise our
vibration to
one that radiates
love, this in turn
shall benifit
all of humanity."