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Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that supports the mind, body and spirit. Reiki energy- universal life force is intelligent and neutral, one does not need to perform a healing but simply allow. The Reiki practitioner is not the healer but simply the instrument for the healing energy to flow through into the client. We can make it complicated and design complex techniques as humans often do, but everyone has the ability to channel the universal life force. Reiki is love… therefore no harm or adverse reaction can come from receiving reiki.
One of the wonderful things about reiki is it that is a spiritual practice one can do for self and then as an extension you can be the vessel to be of service for others. The fundamental teaching of Reiki is self-practise.
I would consider Reiki Healing a complementary therapy not an alternative therapy. To have a holistic perspective is healthy. We are mind, body & spirit so it is not logical to support all areas.
Several year ago I was asked to take on the running of The Reiki Association of Australia Inc. I am the current president, this has given me scope to connect with other Healthcare Practitioners from various industries and provide feedback to the Health Department during consultation forums.
Reiki has no limitations or prerequisites, all are welcome, I have taught various people from nurses, mid-wife’s, counsellors, psychiatrists,  natural therapists, masseurs, carers, priests, ministers, tradies, government employees, Teachers, IT Consultants, Marketing Executives, Mum’s & Dad’s, ATO agents, seekers of life and hippies etc.. Reiki is for the everyday person…

Some of the Benefits of Reiki
Supports stress reduction
Understanding and supporting depression and anxiety
Encourages healing of physical pain and health issues
Eases the overactive mind and insomnia
Helps to alleviate headache, tension & migraine
Encourage a sense of calm and relaxation
Assists one to learn to be in the present moment
Inspires one to connect to self
Promotes energetic balancing and cleansing
Encourages self-love and acceptance

A holistic perspective to healing and wellness is important.
 Reiki is a complementary therapy, it works in conjunction with all forms of healthcare.
The body is a self-healing organism…

Reiki Master - Tammy Jones.

What you may expect in a Reiki Treatment

  • An informal chat
  • A short relaxation meditation
  • The client lays, usually face up fully clothed on the massage table
  • A reiki session 30-40 minutes duration
  • The practitioner lays their hands upon your body holding them still for approximately             3 minutes. Head, eyes, ears, throat/shoulders, heart, stomach, hips, knees, feet
  • Often the client will feel relaxed and calm, even sleepy. ‘in a meditative state’
  • The client may feel warm or cool during the session as the ‘universal life force’ flows through the body realigning, cleansing and healing according to the client’s needs.
  • An informal chat upon completion


Reiki Absent/Distant Healings are available on request…
Healing facilitated and any writings are forwarded by email

Consultations by Appointment only

$80 per hour  Eftpos facilities available


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