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The Three Degrees of Reiki:

The First Degree is called Shoden, it is the basic teachings for self- healing and healing of friends and

• The Second Degree is called Okkuden.
Learning inner and advanced teachings for paying
clients. Learning the ability and awareness to do distant

• The Masters Degree is called Shinpiden, for remembering and awakening the wisdom and
knowledge within, to teach and be a master of Reiki
( Mystery or Master Teaching).

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reiki symbol
A Reiki Symbol

Reiki Level One:
Trainer Reiki Master - Tammy Jones.

Reiki is a holistic healing modality channeling unconditional
love through the practitioners hands to align body, mind and
spirit. Learn the ancient Japanese modality of Reiki from the
linage of Dr. Mikao Usui.
The course shall cover the basic principles and teachings of

The History of Reiki.
• Basic Spiritual Understandings.
• Energy Philosophies.
• Practical guides for channeling the universal life
   force (Reiki).
• Chakras and Attunements.
• Wisdom and knowledge of Healing.
• Workbook and Certificate included.

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Tammy Jones Reiki Master Teacher

Tammy Jones
Reiki Master/ Teacher

Reiki Level Two: (Practitioner Level)
Trainer Reiki Master - Tammy Jones.

Expand on your knowledge and understanding of the healing modality 'Reiki' as energy philosophies.
A traditional Japanese healing practice which utilizes the
universal life force and channels it into another for the
purpose of encouraging a state of balance, mind, body and
spirit. We shall be drawing upon the teachings of
Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki as we know it today.
The course is designed for people seeking to strengthen
their connection and confidence, channeling the 'universal
life force'.

• Learn the art of distant / absent Healing's.
• Learn the first three Master Symbols of Reiki.
• The basic procedures and guidelines for Practicing
   as a Reiki    Practitioner.
• Spiritual Understandings.
• Practical guides for connecting with the 'Source'.
• Attunements and Initiation.
• Workbook and Certificate included.

This is your opportunity to discover more about your own 'Essence'.
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Reiki Masters Level :
(Reiki Master Teacher Training Shinpiden)

Trainer Reiki Master - Tammy Jones

My name is Tammy Jones. I have been working on a Spiritual
Level for many years and have studied many philosophies and teachings.

I am a practicing Holistic Counsellor, Meditation Facilitator,
Theta Practitioner, Angel Intuitive and Reiki Teacher/
I have studied various other spiritual healing modalities such
as Ra Sheeba and Sei Chim, always finding my path leads to
Reiki. The Heart and Soul Centre / Temple is my vehicle
through which I connect with others.

Reiki is of the one essence, an expression, manifestation of the
source. When I sit with another, my heart is open, I am willing
to learn and experience with others, for me to receive and give
Reiki healings, inspire, soothe, calm, clarifies and brings peace
to my consciousness.

I come together with others to share and
express love.
I do not hold all the answers but I share
what is known to me. Reiki is part of who
I am. I am life, I am breath, I am love.
Reiki constantly wakes me from my illusion
of separateness. Reiki to me, is simply love!.

I give Thanks.

The third degree is called Shinpiden for remembering and awakening, the wisdom and knowledge that is within.
Shinpinden is the mystery teachings of Reiki.

" For all the perceived good and bad in the world,
from the triumphs to the hardships, comes time
to contemplate self and raise our vibration to one
that radiates love, this in turn shall benefit all of humanity."

(Extra information:- Reiki Master Course outline )

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