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Thank you so much for your teaching, wisdom, patience and guidance this year.
I look forward to our journey together in completing my Reiki Masters.
Thank you Tammy for awakening my heart and soul through Reiki.
Ellen - Glen Waverley.  

" If your guardian angel has directed you to Tammy Jones, you are a very lucky person" ..... Carolyn - Melbourne.


"I had no expectations going into my 1st degree Reiki with Tammy - thinking I would just learn the ‘hands on’ about the ‘hands on healing’. But it was far far more than that. I’ve come away with so much light and love for every part of me, and a different lens to see the world around me in. It was more than just Reiki - Tammy has the most kind and gentle nature about her teachings, and she generously offered us so many of her life learnings along the way. My heart says thank you!"

Alexandra Andre- Port Melbourne

Thought of Today ----- Cherish this time...space...moment


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Guided Meditation CD
Available - $20 postage inc. Aus.



1025 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road
Cnr. Gibbs Rd. -- Montrose
3765  Victoria .. Australia
        0412 786 075

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