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The Essence, Heart & Soul.

The foundation of my work is to share love and
build upon the awareness you naturally have within,
through the vehicle of reiki, counselling and meditation.
My aim is to lovingly encourage and nurture you to follow your heart.
Be calm in the knowledge that you are always loved and supported.
For to express love to ourselves and others is but the greatest gift and
our life purpose.

From a little girl, I have always enjoyed sharing and connecting with people on a
heart level, and listening to their stories, which lead me to study counselling and researching many forms of healing. I have worked professionally in the industry for approximately 18 years. I was drawn to Reiki and its teachings initially for my own self learning and found it powerful, as it exceeded all my intellectualizing mind.
Reiki opened my heart to self-love and building self-confidence. Reiki and Meditation have been a source of comfort and support for myself through life’s shifts and changes. I have taught many new comers and people who learnt long ago and others that wanted to revisit the traditional teachings of reiki.

I come from a family of five brothers so sitting whether it be among men
or women feels comfortable to me. To say it simply, I love what I do, through
whatever technique or instrument it be i.e. Reiki, counselling, meditation,
workshop, weekly classes, theta healing, and so forth. I do not hold all the
answers for my clients, but I simply listen, care and give support when asked.
To see my clients or students walking through life with a sense of self-worth
and openness to life’s gifts is rewarding. ‘The essence’s of love is all that there is’.
As a therapist my role is to bring clarity to where confusion or imbalance may
be, by the instrument of self-exploration and love

I am fortunate to have been gifted two beautiful daughters and a husband
that encourages me to be who I am. I have experienced times of darkness and
times of light, to sit within one’s self and feel, can be terrifying but also
life changing. Surrender and Acceptance is the key…

To listen and connect with another on a heart level is both humbling
and profoundly healing.

Tammy Jones Reiki Master Teacher
Training and Qualifications Attained: Tammy Jones
° Reiki Master /Teacher ° Theta Practitioner ° Meditation Facilitator
° Business Owner ° Retail Management ° Diploma of Holistic Counselling
° Working With Adults Police Checks ° Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment ° President of The Reiki Association Of Australia Inc.
° Facilitator Carer Wellness Program ° Bush Flower Essence Practitioner ° Angel Intuitive
° Emotional Focusing Technique Practitioner ° Magnified Healing Practitioner  


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             Accredited Teacher of

               The Reiki Association of Australia Inc.




1025 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road
      Cnr   Gibbs Rd. - Montrose
          Victoria 3765 .. Australia

Business Hrs:- 0412 786 075

| tammyjones@heartandsoulcentre.com



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