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Tammy Jones

Dilploma Holistic Counselling
Accredited Member: AHHA
Reiki Master/Teacher
Accredited by The Reiki Association
of Australia Inc.
Meditation Facilitator
Theta Practitioner


Tammy Jones Reiki Master Teacher


Tammy Jones has studied and researched many aspects of Counselling and Human Psyche. In addition to her own personal experiences in life she believes she can help people to feel more love within themselves and their lives.

Tammy has a great passion for life and with this in mind she has opened the wonderful Healing Centre - '" Heart & Soul Centre" to help people to empower themselves through unconditional love.

Tammy has a deep understanding of the diverse nature of people and Healing Techniques. having studied Reiki, and seen the healing benefits to people's physical and emotional status, she often uses it in her counselling sessions.

Holistic Counselling is a process of healing and nurturing the individual through the mind, body and spirit. Tammy will assist and encourage you to discover the balance you seek, through your intellectual, physical body, higher and emotional self.

In Holistic Counselling sessions Tammy uses different processs to help the client discover and express their true feelings and desires. E.g. Journal writing, affirmations, meditation, drawing, healings, emotional expression processes etc.

Holistic Counselling can range from issues of emotional release, coping with stress, discovering and finding your purpose and direction in life, relationship issues, self esteem, anger management, depression, grief, not coping with life in general.

Tammy,s purpose is to help raise the awareness of her client's so as they can feel more at peace and enjoy their lives at a more fulfilled level. Tammy approaches Counselling from the solid foundation of unconditional love.

Tammy feels she is here to reach out to people to show them perhaps a different perspective to the way they look at situations and reinforce that we are all loved and supported.

* To remind people that we are the master of our own mind, our mind is not the master of us.

* Anxiety can be transformed into excitement; It is up to us as to how we perceive the current situation.

* We truly are never alone; By widening our awareness we begin to see the connection to all things.




" May the spirit that is within be embraced
and allowed to see the light of the world. Choose in this moment to create the life you desire, by going beyond self limitation and see the sacredness that you truly are!"

" Your heart is filled with the passion for life but your conscious mind clouds your thoughts with the darkness of the days...
Allow yourself to submerge into the inner sanctum of yourself...........
Feel the peace and tranquillity of your spirit...
Feel the nothingness below all the pain and sadness...............................
This is where the unconditional love for self and humanity dwells."

Holistic Counselling Sessions

Cost $80 per Hr.

Couples $120 per Hr.

eftpos facilities available

Heart & Soul Centre

Holistic Counselling,
Reiki Healing,
Theta Healing

1025 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road
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